“Shadows in Salem” Now Available in PB and Kindle


I’m really stoked to have a story in this anthology “Shadows in Salem: Wicked Tales From the Witch City.” I’ve lived in quite a few cities, quite a few states, and my heart always beats for Salem – a place I called home for a decade or so.

My story “No Hopeful Verse” has crime elements, ah duh, but is more macabre than any shortie I’ve done before. I drew a lot of inspiration from the almighty “Young Goodman Brown” (for Hawthorne nerds, the title of my short is a dead giveaway). There’s a ton of other great stories in it as well that I can’t wait to dig into myself.

Pick up a copy of “Shadows in Salem” over at Amazon, B&N, etc. Thanks to Amber Newberry and the FunDead Pub crew for having me!

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