New Story in “One Night in Salem” Anthology


I’ve got a new short in this wicked anthology, “One Night in Salem,” from the fine folks at FunDead Publications. My short “No Hopeful Verse” was in their previous anthology “Shadows in Salem” and I’m stoked they had me back for another go in The Witch.

I went to school there (Salem State University class of 2005) and lived there for a solid 12 years. Made some of the best friends of my life and met my wife there. I was without a vehicle (aside from scooter the last two years), so I hoofed it everywhere and got to know the streets well. One street I walked nearly everyday was Gedney – the wholly unremarkable home of the towering post office, a liquor store, and an alley, pictured above, where my story takes place.

The bluntly named story, “A Bullet Hole in an Alley Wall on Gedney Street,” is part tragedy, part supernatural revenge, part Halloween tale. And I hope you dig it.

Pick up “One Night in Salem” today.

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