‘Sex Madness Revealed’ Premiering at Overlook Film Festival!


So this is some trippy ass, pinch-me-am-I-dreaming-? type a news. To put it plainly: I wrote a film with my good bud and creative partner Tim Kirk. It’s called SEX MADNESS REVEALED and it stars comedian Patton Oswalt and renowned magician Rob Zabrecky. It’s world premiering at the 2018 Overlook Film Festival this month in New Orleans. Holy. Shit.

To put it not-so-plainly, the film is a strange project that Tim and I have been working on since October 2016. It’s essentially an audio commentary that plays over the 1938 STD propaganda film SEX MADNESS. Similar to Tim’s DIRECTOR’S COMMENTARY: TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN. Patton plays a podcaster and Zabrecky is the grandson of the film’s director. I also get a couple lines in there. Shit gets weird.

Check out more info here: SEX MADNESS REVEALED!

More news on the film coming soon!