‘One False Move’ Revelation

ONE FALSE MOVE, Cynda Williams, Bill Paxton, 1992, (c)IRS Media
ONE FALSE MOVE, Cynda Williams, Bill Paxton, 1992, (c)IRS Media

Holy Moses. I recently watched One False Move (1992), a thriller directed by Carl Franklin and written by Billy Bob Thorton and Tom Epperson. I’ve never heard this film come up in conversations about ’90s thrillers, but my Lord is it an apex of the genre. It’s a genuinely character-driven story, where the “twists” actually make sense in regards to the drama and the players occupying it. Heck, even Ebert gave it a perfect score when it came out. Uncompromising, authentic to the location, and wicked intense, One False Move needs to be up in your eyeballs ASAP. It’s available to rent on iTunes.


Story in the Latest (and Last) Issue of THUGLIT

Todd Robinson of the almighty THUGLIT gave me my “big break.” He published one of my first shorts, and this short led to me landing an agent. That’s why I’m honored to have a story in the final issue of THUGLIT, appropriately titled LAST WRITES. It’s a story called “Flip the Record,” about a couple senior citizens who deserve more than what their assisted living community is dishing out to them on the daily.

I’m bummed to no end to see THUGLIT just end like this. But if it has to, at least the mean machine is going out with one final, middle finger issue. It’s been an honor, Todd. All hail Big Daddy Thug.