Short Fiction

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A Bullet Hole in an Alley Wall on Gedney Street – “One Night in Salem” Anthology (coming September 30, 2017)

Alone Now – “Fast Women and Neon Lights” Anthology

No Hopeful Verse – “Shadows in Salem” Anthology

Flip the Record – Thuglit #23 (Last Writes)

A Hanging – Story and Grit

The Sucker – Shotgun Honey

95 Degrees – Near to the Knuckle

Toll Violation – Out of the Gutter

They’re Eating Their Own Horses – Ghost Parachute

It’s a Process – Dime Show Review

Waiting for the Man – Out of the Gutter

The Most Metal Band Name You’ve Ever Heard – Ghost Parachute

One Gold Tooth – Spinetingler Magazine

My Mailman, My Enemy – Out of the Gutter

Erosion – Ghost Parachute

Swans Mate for Life – Akashic Books

Animals – Out of the Gutter

Jawbone – Flash Fiction Magazine

Gun Coven – Spinetingler Magazine

Dead Letter – Out of the Gutter

Black Out – Shotgun Honey

Wake Up, Little Susie – Thuglit #15

The Hydrangeas Are Coming in Nicely – Dark Corners vol. 1 #4

Incidentals – Out of the Gutter

Killing the Quails – Shotgun Honey

Kid Cub Has No Chill – Shotgun Honey